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General haulage services

With the haulage industry still struggling to come back from its crisis over the last few months, many of us have been left wondering how we are going to transport our goods from warehouse to end-user without a trusty qualified haulage driver to support us. 

This month, Energy Haulage look into the general haulage services that are continuing to help businesses thrive and how we can help you and your business during this ongoing crisis. 

Choosing a reliable general haulage company to support your business 

Everywhere you look you will see a large lorry or flatbed truck on the road, transporting goods from one business to another. These lorries and trucks seem to be everywhere, and yet it is very apparent that we have a clear shortage of drivers and many businesses have been left unable to transport their normal amount of goods due to a lack of experienced haulage drivers. 

The haulage industry has always been a profitable one – all large businesses with stock to sell will use general haulage services to transport their goods around. But with a shortage of drivers, how do these businesses find alternative haulage companies that they can trust to deliver haulage loads safely, effectively and efficiently?

Energy Haulage provides a range of haulage services to small and large businesses who need assistance in getting their stock from A to B. From general haulage and specialist haulage to HIAB hire, there isn’t much our commercial vehicles can’t cope with. Being ULEZ and emissions compliant, there is no limit to where our drivers can go, meaning your goods won’t be stuck on the outskirts of London with nowhere to go. 

Efficient delivery in the food distribution industry

Labelled as key workers during the Pandemic, dealing with ongoing challenges and frustrations during Brexit and now trying to keep up with continued demand and a lack of workers, it really is incredible that haulage drivers are still able to continue with their roles and essential journeys after the difficult period they have worked through. 

Most importantly, haulage drivers are responsible for the safe and efficient delivery of food items to all our supermarkets and food stores. With food stores obviously continuing to stay open during lockdown it was our drivers who mattered in the food supply chains. Without general haulage support, food stores would at the very least, struggle to continue operating and we wouldn’t have the wide range of choices we currently have. 

General haulage provides a bespoke solution for you 

With the cost of employing HGV drivers continuing to rise, and smaller companies being booted out of the competition as they just cannot compete, now may be the time to turn to individual haulage companies within the logistics industry. This step will ensure you can keep costs down as a business and you can rely on an external haulage team to provide experienced drivers and quality road haulage services when you need them. 

Benefits of an external haulage provider:

  • Flexible and speedy response times – your chosen haulage provider is used to responding quickly and efficiently to your needs, meaning they can be ready to go much quicker than you expect. 
  • Reduced costs both internally and through competitive pricing – by going external, you will find you save money on wages, employee costs and your own fleet. If you enter into a long term flexible contract, you may find this is much more competitively priced.
  • ROI – with the money you have saved by taking your haulage needs external, you will have more capital to invest back into your business. 
  • Expert Management systems – particularly for smaller companies, having to manage your own logistics can be time-consuming and challenging. partnering with an external provider will reduce the time, stress and worry you have about your current logistics state. 
  • Ongoing Support – your haulage team are there to support you and this support will continue throughout your contract. With the correct systems and management in place, your haulage team will become the fountain of knowledge for your deliveries. 

General haulage services provided by Energy Haulage Ltd are available to private and commercial clients no matter your location or size load. With a modern fleet and specialist team, we are the perfect transport partner for your business, no matter what industry you are in. Using our general haulage services to transport your goods is a perfect way for you to create a bespoke solution that is tailor-made to the needs of your business – and all you have to do is give us a call to get started. 

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Haulage services are the backbone of the haulage industry and without them, many businesses would struggle to operate. Whether you need staff to move your business premises or if you need to transport goods, haulage services can help. Energy Haulage is a professional team that offers a range of haulage services, including general haulage, specialist and HIAB hire. Our fleet of vehicles is well maintained and able to travel nationwide thanks to our ULEZ compliance. The safety of drivers on our team is paramount and all are trained to a high standard regularly. For more information or to book your general haulage service, give us a call today or email us with your requirements. 

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