Volvo FH460 HIAB Artic

Our Volvo FH460 Artic tractor unit with a heavy lift HIAB Crane is useful for a wide array of equipment transport. Our tractor unit, built to a high specification, can take a standard trailer, drawbar trailer, and handy small body, handy for hard-to-access sites.

The high-quality HIAB Crane fitted to the Volvo FH460 features a max lift of 18 ton, a max reach of 18.7 meters and a lift of 4.1 ton at full extension. 

Key Features for this vehicle: 

  • Heavy lift HIAB X-HIPRO 858 EP-6 Crane
  • Full Lifting kit on board, inc lifting beams, strops/spansets and chains.
  • FORS Gold Equipment fitted across our fleet
  • Full ADR kit on board, our drivers are fully certified in ADR 
  • Euro 6 Compliant
  • Energy Haulage are a proud member of the road haulage association

Our clients

Specialist haulage
Lifting Height18.7M
Lifting Reach16.45M
Lifting Capacity18T Max

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